Another Super Bowl Commercial Gets Rejected For Being Too Risque

Controversial 2010 Super Bowl ad by Fantasy Video Greetings gets sacked by network television but is now available online

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 3, 2010 — As the Super Bowl has become one of the most widely watched television events of the year, advertisers save their best promotional material for that day to be able to reach the largest audience range.

Unfortunately due to censorship, the general public who look forward to the sexy and provocative commercials will once again be disappointed this year. Fantasy Video Greetings—a Manhattan-based entertainment company which offers a multi-occasion video e-card service and lifestyle blog—was recently denied commercial air time for the Super Bowl, for the reason that their commercial was too risqué and too racy.

“This specific commercial features an average Joe watching TV who is able to escape reality and discover his own football fantasy for the big game, simply by pressing a button on his remote control,” says Manny Castro, CEO and Founder of Fantasy Video Greetings. “Although it was geared towards sex appeal, it was no more suggestive than the GoDaddy ad of 2004 or the Miller Lite Catfight of 2003.”

For several years there has been talk about whether Super Bowl commercials are sexy or sexist? Networks have stepped up in recent years and have begun to reject any ad that crosses the line of being overly sultry or outright vulgar. But the general public has spoken out and has made it quite clear that they are in favor of alluring and enticing advertisements highlighting seductiveness.

“Our company offers services which are strictly used for entertainment purposes, and that is what we wanted to promote through our commercial, says Manny. “Both our website and men’s lifestyle blog feature professional models and actresses who have appeared in magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Stuff, Complex and Playboy, and although we push the barriers of sexy, we always make it a priority to maintain our image as very tasteful.”

Fantasy Video Greetings offers a combination of the internet’s most popular themes and the latest HD video technology to create an outstanding online experience. The advanced technology that Fantasy Video Greetings will soon have allows subscribers to apply their own photos to live video which can be utilized in a variety of exciting ways within the e-card. An example of this would be a model holding up an IPhone and admiring the personal picture which has just been uploaded in its screen.

The Maxim-esque models appearing in the videos are simultaneously naughty and classy, playful and proper, and deliver witty, sexy messages for a variety of holidays and occasions. There are classic “Hallmark” celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as offbeat topics like break-ups and flirtations.

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