The E*TRADE Monkey Returns!

(Newstream) — E*TRADE is back for Super Bowl XXXV in a big way-and is capitalizing on some “star power” from last year. The E*TRADE “Monkey” will be back for Super Bowl XXXV, this time with an important new message.

E*TRADE will be returning to the Super Bowl for the second straight year with a very strong, unique and integrated presence aimed at promoting our new brand identity, “It’s Your Money.”

The Spots

E*TRADE will run 2 spots during the Super Bowl, 6 spots during the pre-game along with 3 Returns of the Year and 3 spots during the Road to the Super Bowl Special Saturday on CBS. In addition, for the second year in a row, E*TRADE is the title sponsor of the E*TRADE Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show – featuring Aerosmith and NSYNC and produced by MTV.

E*TRADE will air action-packed spots that communicate E*TRADE’s growth and evolution into an integrated financial services company, including an online banking (E*TRADE Bank), retirement products and much more. Plus, the E*TRADE “Monkey” returns with a surprising and powerful public service message.

E*TRADE’s “Monkey” spot from last year was recently recognized by CBS producers and USA Today as one of the Ten Greatest Super Bowl Commercials of all time. Not bad for a commercial that is barely one year old! Last year’s “ER” spot was a hit with the viewers and critics alike, and drove the phrase “money coming out the wazoo” into modern pop culture.


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