Top 10 Super Bowl ads (can’t go wrong with whipped cream)

My favorite commercials, some OK commercials, and some pretty lousy commercials
By Gina Carbone

The Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII, 27 to 23 over the Arizona Cardinals. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band did a typically energectic halftime show.

Read about that elsewhere. This is just a brief recap of some of the standout ads from Sunday night.

1. Mob guys interrupted during breakfast by a waitress putting whipped cream on funny face pancakes at Denny’s. Nice.

2. Job ads

a. It can be hard to know if it’s time for new job … but if you hate going to work, your co-workers don’t respect you — “Hey dummy” — you wish you were somewhere else, you cry constantly, you daydream of punching small animals and you sit next to this guy … it’s probably time. (Repeat each item individually like the 12 days of Christmas.)

b. — half a moose in his office. Need a new job?

3. Budweiser ads

a. Horse wants to play fetch to get a treat – comes back with huge part of tree. “Show off.”

b. Scotland 1933 – Horse gives history of Clydesdale horses, from his great-grandpa in Scotland to his success in America.

c. Horses in love travel cross-country to get back together. “Aint No Mountain High Enough” plays and they connect under circus tent.

4. What happened to your butt? LMAO syndrome. Every Thursday night like clockwork, people are literally laughing their a**es off. Good one from NBC.

5. Bridgestone tire ads

a. Mr. Potato Head takes away nagging Mrs. Potato Head’s mouth.

b. Astronauts rock out to “Jump around” – until they see tires are gone from their spacecraft.

6. Doritos – crystal ball, “Free Doritos at the office today?” Throws globe into vending machine. Yep! They’re free now.

“Will I get that promotion?” Throws ball at boss’ balls. Doesn’t turn out as well.

7. Nasty flowers in a box. Ouch. Teleflora.

8. Alec Baldwin – “They say TV rots the brain.” Baldwin scoffs. “TV only softens the brain like a ripe banana.” An evil plot to destroy the world.

“Because we’re aliens, and that’s how we roll.”

9. Grim Reaper mad about taxes done wrong – H&R Block.

10. Men getting hurt, falling off things – always ending in “I’m good”! Men can take anything except diet cola. PepsiMax – the first diet cola for men.

Super boy on rooftop. Your inner hero is calling. Answer. Universal Orlando.

Pedigree adoption drive.

David Abernathy – extraordinary overconfident overachiever. When it comes to car buying he’s just as nervous as the rest of us. So at 28 David Abernathy used

GE Scarecrow – certainly a good-looking ad. “If I Only Had a Brain.”

MacGruber does Pepsi commercial! “By the way I had my name legally changed to ‘Pepsuber.'” I love MacGruber.

Coca Cola fantasy creatures – creating human connections in a virtual world.

Priceline negotiator – William Shatner doing his Captain Kirk-isms through someone else.

It’s Hyundai like Sunday.

Cash4Gold – Ed McMahon and MC Hammer. The gold toilet?

More ETrade babies. “Take these broken wings!” “I can’t flex these golden pipes?” “It’s not the venue.” I never liked these kids.

John Turturro – “This is not a beer, this is a sword, wielded with honor.” Heineken., Danica Patrick in the shower. Danica Patrick in a courtroom. “I’ll show you enhanced” another woman says. Don’t care who she is.