Super Bowl ads - who won? who lost?

I love watching Super Bowl commercials. This year was no exception. Here are my votes for the Winner and Loser.

And the Loser is:

Go Daddy and Danica Patrick. I like Danica Patrick. I think she’s talented and courageous. Maybe that’s why I’m so disappointed that she ended up in a shower scene in one of the commercials. Danica, what were you thinking? Go Daddy, your ads are tasteless and I’m surprised that you’re willing to insult so many potential customers. I know I’ll never be a customer of yours.

By the way, I want to nominate for the second worst commercial that showed a box of flowers that humiliated a woman at work. It was humorless and obnoxious.

And the Winner is:

Pedigree. Thank you for making a commercial that was funny and caring. It got my attention by showing people that have unusual pets: a rhinoceros, an ostrich, a boar, and a bison. The tagline was, “Maybe you should get a dog.” It made me laugh out loud.

It promoted not just the pet food, it also promoted Pedigree’s adoption program with the slogan, “help us help dogs”. Best of all, if you go to their site, Pedigree will donate a bowl of dog food for a shelter for each short video clip that you watch about the crazy animals in the commercial and their owners. That’s where I’m going now and I hope you will too. Pedigree, you have my vote for favorite Super Bowl commercial. Thanks Pedigree!