Super Bowl Ad Drive Leads to Brand Sites

– Mark Dolliver

NEW YORK Do chickens make you more interested in eggs, or do eggs make you more interested in chickens — or both? Readers of a philosophical bent can mull over that question as it relates to a poll’s findings about commercials on the Super Bowl vis-a-vis the brands’ Web sites.

Determined to get their money’s worth, many of Super Sunday’s advertisers have been using pre-game Web efforts to rev up anticipatory interest in the commercials. But the process works in the other direction, too, according to a survey conducted last week for advertising/marketing/consulting firm Hanon McKendry.

Thirty percent of respondents who plan to watch the game said seeing the telecast’s commercials makes them more likely to visit an advertiser’s Web site.

The same poll suggests interest in the commercials will be high: 21 percent of those who expect to tune in said they’ll watch “exclusively or predominantly for the commercials.” Another 34 percent said they’ll be as interested in the commercials as they are in the game itself.

Women were much more likely than men to say the commercials are what attract them to the show (31 percent vs. 11 percent).