Springsteen promises high-energy halftime show

Springsteen, for years, had turned down invitations to play the Super Bowl, but the opportunity to promote the album, and the upgraded production team has changed his mind. “Initially, it was sort of a novelty and so it didn’t quite feel right,” he explained. “But it was just like, this is the year. … Bands of our generation, you can sort of be seen on a stage like this or, like, not seen. It is a tremendous venue.” The performance is expected to be a teaser for the upcoming tour, and scores of Las Vegas sports books are taking bets on the set list. Asked who ultimately decides what songs will be played, Springsteen staked his claim as leader of the band. “I’m the Boss! The Boss decides what we play!” he yelled. “Nobody else decides. People suggest. Hint. Beg. Cajole. But I decide.”