Single Gal Seeks Date in Super Bowl Ad

Amy Borkowsky Hopes to Find a Mate by Promoting Herself During the Big Game


Amy Borkowsky needs a date — and badly.

So badly, in fact, that the native New Yorker is trying to raise $3 million through donations on her Web site,, to fund a 30-second commercial that she hopes will air during the Super Bowl Feb. 1.

“I tried the obvious approaches first, went to all the singles events, wine and cheese, singles picnics, dances and online dating. I met a lot of great guys but none of them turned out to be Mr. Right,” Borkowsky told

Borkowsky, who declined to give her age, would only say that it falls somewhere between that of Carrie’s and Samantha’s from “Sex and the City.” A background check by found records that indicate Borkowsky is 48 years old.

The former advertising exec — now an author and a comedian — said that her failed attempts at dating the old-fashioned way had spurred her to think more creatively.

“I said, ‘hey, why not run a personal ad where the greatest number of guys will see it?'” said Borkowsky, whose never been married.

So what’s she looking for in her perfect man?

“I threw out my checklist a long time ago — checklists are for butter and eggs,” said Borkowsky. “I’m trying to be open.”

Admitting that she once dreamed of ending up with “the standard good-looking, professional” type, Borkowsky says that she’s willing to give anyone a chance.

“There could be a carpenter in the Midwest or some guy in Arizona who owns a bakery and even though they wouldn’t be an obvious choice for me, I want to be open,” she said.

“The one thing I know for sure is that the guy has to be nontraditional enough to appreciate the creativity of someone who would run a personal ad during the Super Bowl,” said Borkowsky.

And for those men who might be interested in scoring a date with Borkowsky, feel free to check out her stats on her Web site.

According to the site, Borkowsky says she’s 5 feet 6 inches and 110 pounds and has already fielded approximately 19 passes from “all the wrong guys” this year.

Hesitant to give too many details away about how she will fill her 30-second spot if she earns enough money and if NBC accepts the ad, Borkowsky said she’s debating between airing testimonials from old boyfriends or using a side-by-side comparison of “other women on the market.”

“Maybe I’ll use a jingle,” said Borkowsky. “Part of the excitement of the Super Bowl is the suspense — I’m not going to reveal everything.”

Borkowsky has raised $1,121 since launching her site Monday and said she knows many of the people who have donated have been strangers. She has $2,998,879 to go before reaching her goal.

Not overly confident that she’ll earn enough to buy the ad space, Borkowsky said that if she doesn’t raise the money in time she’ll donate the proceeds to the United Way charity.

“Either I get united or United gets it,” she said.

Messages left with a representative at NBC who is handling advertisements for the Super Bowl were not immediately returned, but Borkowsky said that as of Monday she was told that there were eight spots remaining.

Responding to criticisms in the blogosphere that repeatedly label her as “desperate” and “pathetic,” Borkowsky says it doesn’t bother her.

“I’d say it’s creative, not desperate,” she said.

Admittedly ignorant about football, Borkowsky said that she’d be willing to “read a magazine” while the man of her dreams cheers on his favorite team.

That, or learn.

“I know absolutely nothing about football,” she said. “But I’d be open to converting to football fan.”