Hulu to "shock the world" with Super Bowl ad

by Caroline McCarthy

Well, well, well. Here’s something that just came into my inbox, and presumably the inboxes of the rest of the digital-media press corps: an e-mail from the media team at Hulu, the joint video venture between NBC Universal and News Corp., announcing that the company will be running an ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIII. Considering the game airs on NBC, a Hulu ad is not too hard to fathom.

It seems like there’s always a rumor about some huge tech announcement that will come to light during the annual football-and-advertising bacchanalia, like that Beatles-iTunes thing two years ago that never surfaced. But at least we know this one actually exists, and to boot, it sounds like Hulu is really hoping to make a splash along the lines of Apple’s landmark “1984” ad that aired 25 years ago.

“During Super Bowl XLIII this Sunday, look for the launch of Hulu’s ad campaign,” the e-mail read. “Finally, we’ll reveal the secret behind Hulu.”

Ooh! Secrets! I love secrets! Clearly we will learn one of three things this Sunday:

1. Hulu is the Matrix.

2. Hulu is Luke Skywalker’s father.

3. Hulu is people.

Aw, heck. With a revelation like this on the way, who cares whether the Steelers or Cardinals win?