Go Daddy buys 2nd Super Bowl ad


Look for not one, but two Super Bowl ads from Go Daddy featuring auto racer Danica Patrick.

Go Daddy Group Inc., the Scottsdale domain-name company known for its Super Bowl ads sprinkled with sexual innuendos, said it bought its second Super Bowl spot late Friday afternoon.

Go Daddy cut two commercials with spokeswoman Patrick, one titled “Shower” that shows her showering in a college student’s fantasy Web site, and one titled “Baseball,” a spoof on congressional hearings on athletes’ steriod enhancements.

Both were approved by network censors earlier this month.

Go Daddy had asked the public to vote on which one should air in Go Daddy’s single spot. Now, both commercials will run.

The ads will air in the game’s first and fourth quarters, a Go Daddy spokeswoman said Friday night.

To see the ads, go to http.www.godaddy.com .