Madison ad firm drops Super Bowl job

‘Creative differences’ with GoDaddy cited

A Madison advertising agency that landed a high-profile contract to produce Super Bowl commercials for a controversial advertiser said Monday that it had resigned the account.

Citing “creative differences,” Shine Advertising Co. announced that it was backing away from an arrangement to produce Super Bowl spots for, an Arizona firm that describes itself as the world’s largest registrar of Internet domain names.

Super Bowl ads draw immense audiences and intense attention, both for the advertisers and the agencies that create the spots.

Exactly why a relatively small Madison agency would walk away from the chance to command such attention wasn’t clear Monday. No Wisconsin advertising agency has developed a Super Bowl commercial since the Cramer-Krasselt agency produced ads for Master Lock in the 1990s.

Shine spokeswoman Tracy Bliven would say nothing beyond the company’s announcement. GoDaddy released a statement saying it had “amicably ended its Super Bowl advertising relationship with the Shine Advertising Co.” but would answer no questions.