CBS rejects GoDaddy 2nd Super Bowl commercial

CBS rejects our 2nd Super Bowl commercial. A sneak peek at our 3rd commercial.

Yesterday, just before appearing on FoxNews’ Hannity & Colmes show, I learned that the second proposed Super Bowl commercial we filmed and submitted to CBS for approval, was rejected.

CBS didn’t like anything about the second commercial.
In rejecting our second commercial, CBS pointed out several things they didn’t like. It remains to be seen whether or not we will be able to salvage the commercial or not. We are certainly going to try.

CBS has been good to work with.
Even though they have yet to approve anything we have submitted, the Program Practices group at CBS have been good to work with. They are quick to respond and to the point.

That leaves us with one candidate.
As I reported to you earlier, we have filmed a total of three commercials for the Super Bowl. Since the first two have now been rejected, we are left with just one commercial that has a chance of airing during the Super Bowl. This remaining commercial is the one we recently filmed in Los Angeles. It includes an all star cast including our one and only Go Daddy Girl, Candice Michelle, Indy Car Driver Danica Patrick, Harley Davidson Drag Racer Valerie Thompson, the Teutuls from Orange County Choppers, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht from Diggnation, Cali Lewis from, yours truly, and many others.

I’m hopeful, but have my doubts.
It is my sincere hope and belief that this remaining commercial will be approved by CBS. But given the puritanical standards that were applied to our first two submissions, I’m not so sure it will be approved.