A-B Super Bowl Ads Top National Polls

-Steve McClellan

NEW YORK Anheuser-Busch topped a pair of national polls that measure the popularity of Super Bowl ads.

A-B placed seven spots among the top 10 in the annual USA Today survey. A-B also took five of the top 10 slots in an online Wall Street Journal poll.

The most popular ad, per USA Today, was a Budweiser entry that showed crabs worshiping a beer cooler. A Bud execution starring a stray puppy and the Clydesdales placed second, while Bud Light’s take on the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” came in third.

The survey, published in the paper’s Monday edition, was based on the responses during the game of 238 adult viewers in Houston and McLean, Va.

In the WSJ poll, based on more than 4,600 responses tabulated by noon on Monday, a Bud Light ad featuring a class of immigrants learning English (taught by Comedy Central star Carlos Mencia) ranked first. It also placed fifth in the USA Today poll and was named the most viewed spot by TiVo.

The Bud stray-dog ad placed second and a Bud Light spot featuring hitchhikers came in third, according to the WSJ.

USA Today said the least popular ad was from Salesgenie.com, followed by executions from Revlon (starring Sheryl Crow) and Flomax.

Three ads tied for least popular in the WSJ survey: One from Fed-Ex (set on the moon), one from Hewlett-Packard and an execution from Toyota.
via adweek.com