Clickin Study Shows Super Bowl XXXIX TV Commercials Work Hard to Gain Recognition in Drama-Filled Broadcast

Press Release Source: Clickin Research, Inc.

AUSTIN, Texas /PRNewswire/ — Super Bowl commercials must compete with the drama of the game. In Super Bowl XXXIX the battle for victory, as well as the production value of the pre-game and half-time game show, proved tough competition. Number 81 Eagle Terrell Owens, recovering from major surgery, showed both his heart and skill; a coach who has known the agony of defeat now leads a New England “dynasty”; Sir Paul McCartney provided unforgettable musicianship — while fully clothed; and the show started with a rendition of the national anthem by visually impaired children so incredible that it brought tears to the eyes of more than 80 million viewers.

The competition between the game and the commercials was hard fought until the last seconds, keeping the audience securely in front of the screen. And they paid attention to some of the spots — but not all. “The teams and the franchise were the clear winners,” said Dr. Martha Russell, president of Clickin Research, “coming away with the most significant increases in familiarity and likeability — two very important measures of advertising effectiveness.”

Clickin Research, an Austin Texas based market research company, announced the results today of its study of Super Bowl XXXIX television commercials. This is the sixth year of Clickin’s unique pre and post game Super Bowl ad survey measurements. In a well-designed examination of viewer’s responses to Super Bowl advertising, more than 300 of Clickin’s Cyberleague(TM) Panelists gave their opinions prior to the Super Bowl and then immediately after the broadcast, providing analysts with a unique matched sample and good estimates of how Super Bowl ads affect brand familiarity and likeability.

Ad winners in the Clickin survey — those brands showing increased familiarity and likeability — included financial services, foods, and new auto models. Losers (i.e., those showing no change in pre and post game measurements) were generally all well-known products and brands. Several spots proved to be particularly effective in gaining audience attention and increasing brand likeability. Emerald Nuts, for example, initially showed a low level of familiarity and likeability; however, in the post game survey the brand showed significant increases in both familiarity and likeability. had the courage to defy both the recommendations of the NFL Super Bowl committees and the trend in network TV towards conservative censorship (although Fox pulled the second showing of the ad). The viewing audience liked the commercial’s sexy casting and gave the brand the highest increase in brand familiarity and brand likeability.

Further analysis of the data is underway, and a more detailed description of the Super Bowl XXXIX ad survey’s results will be available at . Clickin Research has been conducting research on the Internet using its Cyberleague(TM) Panel for more than ten years.

For additional information call Dr. Martha Russell at 512.236.9161 x.11 or email her at .

Source: Clickin Research, Inc.