Bloggers on Super Bowl buzz watch

By Frank Barnako, MarketWatch

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — While you watch the Super Bowl, dozens of online-savvy consumers and Web loggers will be watching the Net to see how the game’s TV commercials are playing in Peoria.

Intelliseek Inc. of Cincinnati and New Media Strategies of Arlington, Va., have lined up dozens of people to surf Web sites, blogs and message boards to get a fast read on the effectiveness and popularity of marketers’ commercials. With TV costing as much as $2.4 million for a 30-second spot, companies want to know whether their money was spent wisely.

As people post comments about the ads on the Web, the marketing companies’ monitors will report what’s being said.

“Conversations all over the Internet, from message boards to blogs and beyond, now allow us to get a true pulse in real time,” said NMS Chief Executive Pete Snyder in a statement. His firm is doing a similar monitoring process of the entertainment industry and the Oscars contest.

“Studio execs and entertainment insiders watch very closely what people are saying online,” he added.

Besides the companies whose products are being pitched, advertising agencies are also interested in the results. Marketing officers hope they’ve chosen the right creative teams and campaign strategies.

It’s important that agencies, even more so than brands, are getting the right kind of buzz,” said Snyder, in a comment reported by Media Post.