Replay for Super ads

The NFL Network thinks it has the answer for people who love to watch the splashy ads that debut during the Super Bowl. Of the 40 million people expected to watch the game, some are just interested in the ads in which companies often unveil splashy campaigns in spots that can cost up to $2.4 million for 30 seconds. So, after the game, the fledgling network will air up to a full hour of the commercials that CBS ran during its broadcast. The network has not worked out all the kinks in terms of which spots it will gain rights to and is working closely with America Online, which streams all the ads online as part of its partnership with As of the Feb. 1 game, only the 12.2 million customers of satellite company DirecTV will have access to the NFL Network, unless new client Charter Communications launches the service that day. (Andrew Grossman)