Pick Your Favorite Apple Ad


The Mac @ 20

NEW YORK – Chances are pretty good you don’t own an Apple computer. It’s not a dig at Apple, but rather just a statistical reality. Globally, only three out of 100 computers sold over the last 12 months were Apples.

And while millions ignore Apple at the computer store, over the years it’s been much harder to ignore Apple Computer’s (nasdaq: AAPL -news -people ) advertising. Call it what you will: clever, ridiculous, brilliant, puffy, pretentious or ingenious. But when a new Apple ad debuts on TV, you have to watch it. You’ll likely look forward to seeing it again. And chances are Apple has spent enough money to ensure you will see it again. It’s been that way since Apple launched the Macintosh with a groundbreaking Super Bowl spot in 1984. And it’s likely to remain that way for as long as there is a company called Apple Computer.

Click here http://www.forbes.com/images/2003/12/15/cx_ah_appleadslide.html?thisSpeed=25000 to view some highlights from two decades’ worth of Apple’s television advertising and then vote for the ads you loved (and the ones you hated) in our poll. All the ads we selected were created by Los Angeles’ TBWA/Chiat/Day, with the exception of BBDO Worldwide’s “Crowd Control.”