gets undressed for Lingerie Bowl

By Maddy

Maybe the Chrysler Group’s Dodge should stick to automotive trade fairs and selling cars said local dealers after the auto-giant announced plans to sponsor the racy Lingerie Bowl 2004. After negative public reaction, the car company bowed out to be replaced online poker site which is now the official sponsor.

According to Horizon Productions, the organizer the AIDS Research Alliance of America is the charity sponsor and the commercial sponsor.

The Lingerie Bowl, which promises to raise grab some attention with Victoria’s Secret style tackle football is being promoted as counter-programming to the Super Bowl XXVIII halftime show on Viacom’s CBS. The pay-per-view event will feature lingerie-clad models who will play a seven-on-seven full-contact football game.

Chrylser the maker of Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep cars said that Dodge’s move to sponsor the Lingerie Bowl had become a distraction and diverting media and consumer attention from current products to well, sexy scantily clad young 20-somethings. In the original sponsorship deal signed in 2003, Dodge was to have signs around the Lingerie Bowl stadium, logos on apparel and a presence on