Lingerie Bowl 2004 Success on Super Bowl Sunday Drives Formation of

The Pay-Per-View Halftime Sports Extravaganza Far Exceeds Expectations

LOS ANGELES/PRNewswire/ — Horizon Productions announced today that Lingerie Bowl 2004 far surpassed pay-per-view viewership expectations. Due to the success on Super Bowl Sunday, pay-per-view has decided to extend the replay ordering window into March, thus final Pay-Per-View viewership numbers will not be released until April. * (Photo: )

“Our distributors are extremely pleased with the results of the inaugural Lingerie Bowl,” said Mitch Mortaza, president of Horizon Productions, Inc. and creator/executive producer of Lingerie Bowl 2004. “It has exceeded all of their expectations and the success is the catalyst for our new venture — the Lingerie Football League.”

Due to the international attention Lingerie Bowl has received over the past six months and the achievement on Super Bowl Sunday, Mortaza also announced today the forming of the Lingerie Football League (LFL), with league play to begin in 2005. The LFL will consist of four teams including the Los Angeles Dream, New York Euphoria, Dallas Desire and Chicago Passion.

Each team will consist of thirteen models lead by a celebrity quarterback and captain. The teams will square off in a single elimination playoff game in January 2005. The Los Angeles Dream will take on Dallas Desire while New York Euphoria battles it out against Chicago Passion. The two winning teams will advance to Lingerie Bowl 2005 and play in the second annual pay-per-view halftime event.

Horizon Productions, founded in 2003, is a full-service, Hollywood-based entertainment company engaged in the development of alternative film and television, as well as talent packaging, event production and media/sponsorship management. “With the global entertainment marketplace growing more diverse every day, the challenge of keeping up with ever-changing demand requires, simply, to know what the people want and to give it to them. That’s the mission of Horizon Productions,” explains Mortaza.