Lay's Potato Chips' Super Bowl Ad Is One You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into

PLANO, Texas/PRNewswire/ — Frito-Lay will debut an ad for Lay’s potato chips to America’s largest television viewing audience during the Super Bowl. The world’s largest snack food maker will return to the big game to re-launch Lay’s and let people know that America’s favorite potato chips are now even crispier.

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The ad from Lay’s, entitled “Grandparents,” is a light-hearted look at what can happen when a grandson leaves his “loving” grandparents alone with only one bag of Lay’s chips. The ad shows how the irresistibility of Lay’s drives the couple to unexpected lengths to “sink their teeth” into Lay’s. In a surprising turn of events the one who ends up with the Lay’s realizes he doesn’t have “what it takes” to eat Lay’s. The 30-second spot was produced by BBDO, New York and will air during the second quarter of the big game.

“We see the Super Bowl as the ideal platform to tell people that we’ve made their favorite potato chips even crispier,” said Lora DeVuono, vice president advertising, Frito-Lay North America. “What better time to talk about Lay’s than during the Super Bowl — one of the largest snacking events of the year.”

In the weeks leading up to the final game of the football season, Frito-Lay increases production of potato and tortilla chips by more than 10 million pounds to meet the demand of the millions of people who watch the nation’s #1 television event.

This is only the second time in Lay’s 65-year history that Frito-Lay has improved the iconic product, with the previous change being made more than 10 years ago. To make America’s favorite potato chip even crispier Frito-Lay made a change in its proprietary cooking process, resulting in a light- tasting, golden brown, potato chip now crispier than ever before. The “Now Even Crispier” message will also be called out on Lay’s new packaging, the first change to the brand’s familiar yellow bag since 1996. The crispier chips are now on store shelves nationally and will be supported by a new television advertising campaign, new packaging, product sampling and in-store merchandising.

“We looked at the attributes people want in a potato chip and were told they wanted a crispier chip,” said Regan Ebert, vice president marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “We listened and made Lay’s even more irresistible.”

In addition to advertising during the big game, Lay’s potato chips will be supported by a new television advertising campaign to bring-to-life the multi- sensory experience of eating the first irresistible chip out of a freshly- opened bag of Lay’s. The new spots, also created by BBDO New York, are currently on air.

Frito-Lay, headquartered in Plano, TX, is the convenient fun foods division of PepsiCo, Inc. that makes some of America’s favorite snack brands. As of 2003, all of Frito-Lay’s snack chips contain zero grams of trans fat, including Lay’s potato chips, Ruffles potato chips, Doritos tortilla chips, Tostitos tortilla chips and Cheetos cheese-flavored snacks. Frito-Lay makes and sells a wide variety of low-fat, reduced fat and no-fat snacks including Baked Doritos, Baked Lay’s, Baked Ruffles, Baked Tostitos, Ruffles Reduced Fat and its Natural line, WOW! line, and Rold Gold pretzels. Cracker Jack snacks, Quaker Chewy granola bars, Quaker Fruit and Oatmeal bars, and Quakes rice snacks are also produced and sold by Frito-Lay.


Source: Frito-Lay