Dodge Undresses A Super Bowl Promo


KICKOFF: Lingerie models Nikki Ziering (left) and Angie Everhart will quarterback the scantily clad teams.

For its Super Bowl fans, truck-maker Dodge is moving up a notch from pricey commercials – with a half-time show of models in lingerie playing tackle football.

Last year, the maker of popular Ram pickups got roundly criticized for its commercials, which showed two guys at urinals talking about size.

But for the upcoming Super Bowl, Dodge is focusing on beautiful women scrambling for the glory of Dodge trucks and cars.

The half-hour extravaganza – to be played at a stadium in balmy Los Angeles – will use 26 models on two teams in seven-on-seven tackle football, with little more on than knee protectors and lacy bras and panties.

It’ll be shown on pay-for-view TV for about $20, allowing viewers to switch over from the game for the hot half-time show.

Dodge will also run a 30-second commercial during the broadcast of the Super Bowl XXXVIII game on Feb. 1. Such slots cost about $2.2 million.

The cost of the lingerie promotion was less. “Nothing costs more than a Super Bowl commercial,” said a Dodge executive, declining to be specific.

Models Angie Everhart and Nikki Ziering quarterback the two teams in the full-contact contest.