Cowboys' Jones, Parcells to sing in Super Bowl XXXVIII commercial

The duo joins Sapp, Strahan, Owens, Arrington, Taylor, Holt, Gonzalez, Holmes, Hall, Thomas, McKenzie and Harris to promote NFL Network in 60-second Super Bowl spot.

NEW YORK — Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Bill Parcells will join a dozen NFL stars to sing “Tomorrow,” from the Broadway musical “Annie” in a 60-second commercial for NFL Network during Super Bowl XXXVIII on CBS.

An array of the NFL’s biggest names lent their voices and charisma to star in the network’s first Super Bowl commercial.

The commercial features NFL stars around the league disappointed that they are not in Super Bowl XXXVIII. They take consolation that on Feb. 2 all teams will be undefeated and preparing for a new season with dreams of winning Super Bowl XXXIX. The theme is tied together by the song “Tomorrow” (the sun will come out) and communicates that football season never ends on NFL Network, which serves as the fans’ post-Super Bowl remedy. NFL Network will cover the Pro Bowl, NFL Combine, the 2004 NFL Draft, reports from all 32 training camps, and preseason games.

“It’s unprecedented to have this many stars appear in a commercial,” said Judy Fearing, senior vice president of marketing for NFL Network. “We’re thrilled by the overwhelming positive response for our inaugural NFL Network Super Bowl spot, and look forward to sharing our singing sensations with the millions of viewers.”

The following is a list of NFL personalities who participated in the commercial:

Parcells and Jones (Dallas Cowboys): Texas Stadium

LaVar Arrington (Washington Redskins): walking alone on a beach

Michael Strahan (New York Giants): eating in a diner

Torry Holt (St. Louis Rams): washing his car

Zach Thomas (Miami Dolphins) shaving

Jason Taylor (Miami Dolphins) relaxing on a raft in a pool

Warren Sapp (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) playing golf

Priest Holmes, Tony Gonzalez and Dante Hall (Kansas City Chiefs) BBQ

Terrell Owens (San Francisco 49’ers) grocery shopping

Al Harris, Mike McKenzie (Green Bay Packers) on a boat named “Cheesehead”

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