Budweiser Wins the ADBOWL(R); 'Donkey Dream' is America's Favorite Commercial


Budweiser’s “Donkey Dream” commercial was voted America’s favorite commercial during the championship football game last night, according to ADBOWL®, the real-time, interactive advertising ranking system for consumers. Developed by McKee Wallwork Henderson advertising, powered by FatCow and in association with Superbowl-ads.com.

America’s top 5 favorites were:

Budweiser “Donkey Dream”

Bud Light “Dog Fetch”

Bud Light “Sleigh Ride”

Frito-Lay “Dentures”

Chevrolet “New Chevy Pick-up (Soap)”


“Budweiser’s ‘Donkey Dream’ commercial won first place because it incorporated light humor that put a fun twist on one of America’s advertising icons — the Budweiser Clydesdales,” said Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork Henderson. “It was a Horatio Alger and Frank Capra story rolled up into a donkey’s dream.”

Since it’s an election year, ADBOWL was also able to determine which commercials were preferred by Democrats and which ones Republicans liked best.

Democrats: Budweiser “Donkey Dream”

Republicans: Bud Light “Sleigh Ride”

Independents: Budweiser “Donkey Dream”


“It’s only natural that Democrats should select a donkey as their favorite commercial” said McKee. “If democrats and Independents agree in the Fall like they did for best commercial in the ADBOWL, it could make for an interesting election year.”

Nearly 40 million women watched the big game yesterday. They also selected Budweiser’s “Donkey Dream” commercial as their favorite. The top three commercials chosen by women were:

1. Budweiser “Donkey Dream”

2. Bud Light “Dog Fetch”

3. Bud Light “Sleigh Ride”


So many women watched the game this year that they helped propel their favorite commercial to the top, whereas men preferred the Bud Light “Dog Fetch” spot, according to McKee. A survey of 500 Americans conducted by InsightExpress, a marketing research firm, stated that two out of every five people who watch the Super Bowl tune in for the commercials.

During the championship football game last night, viewers went to www.adbowl.com and rated the commercials on a scale between one and five, with 5 being a “Touchdown,” 4 “Field Goal,” 3 “First Down,” 2 “Punt” and 1 being a “Fumble.” Thousands of votes were cast for America’s favorite ads. Voters also visited www.superbowl-ads.com for more information about the commercials. The ADBOWL website infrastructure was enhanced by FatCow to accommodate increased traffic during the big game.

The ADBOWL is not a scientifically projected sampling of the entire population. It is a self-selected sample of consumers viewing the commercials during the championship football game.

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Source: McKee Wallwork Henderson