America Online to Showcase TopSpeed(tm) Technology Throughout Super Bowl XXXVIII

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America Online to Showcase TopSpeed(tm) Technology Throughout Super Bowl XXXVIII, Featuring Unparalleled Ad Poll Giving Millions of Fans a Chance to View and Vote for Their Favorite Super Bowl XXXVIII Commercials

Super Bowl@AOL to Give Fans Behind-the-Scenes Access to Super Bowl Week Events in Houston and Extensive Football Video from NFL@AOL Newly Designed to Offer Non-Members Free Access to NFL and Entertainment Content on the Web January 26-February 3 New AOL Commercials to Premiere Featuring AOL(r) TopSpeed Technology and the Teutuls, Stars of Breakout Hit Show “American Chopper”

Millions of Super Bowl fans will have the chance to relive their favorite ads immediately following the game and vote for their choice for the best in AOL’s biggest ever AOL Ad Bowl poll, according to America Online, sponsor of the AOL TopSpeed(tm) Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show. The event is expected to be the largest Super Bowl advertising poll in history, with voting open to both AOL members, through AOL Keyword: Super Bowl, and on the Web through the service. Last year, AOL hosted a similar commercial showcase which generated more than 5.6 million streams in 36 hours. Early results of this year’s poll will be available within hours after the big game.

The AOL Ad Bowl gives fans on AOL and the opportunity to view ads that premiere during Super Bowl XXXVIII immediately after the game and cast their votes for their favorite. The final results of the AOL Ad Bowl will be announced on February 2. Fans will also be able to view classic Super Bowl ads and vote for their favorite from January 23-28.

The AOL Ad Bowl is part of a comprehensive package of Super Bowl events designed to promote AOL TopSpeed technology, the built-in Web accelerator in AOL 9.0(r) Optimized that allows consumers to get where they want to go on the Internet faster-up to five times faster for dial-up users when compared to a standard dial-up connection*. These offerings include Super Bowl@AOL-a destination giving fans up close and behind-the-scenes access to the events surrounding the big game as well as extensive football video from NFL@AOL; access to a wide array of Super Bowl content via the Web on a newly designed; and a series of new ads highlighting TopSpeed featuring the stars of Discovery Channel’s breakout hit show “American Chopper.”

“The Super Bowl is all about the world’s top performers, and AOL is pulling out all the stops to tell this huge audience about our own top performer-TopSpeed technology,” said Ted Leonsis, Vice Chairman and President of the AOL Core Service. “In addition, with an incredible array of programming available through AOL and, we will offer something for everyone-whether you watch the Super Bowl for the ads, the entertainment or the game itself.”

Super Bowl@AOL Gives Fans Insider Access Super Bowl@AOL, best experienced via AOL(r) for Broadband, will contain comprehensive football content including features from AOL’s expanded alliance with the NFL (NFL@AOL) announced in 2003. Through this relationship, AOL offers unprecedented access to a wide array of NFL video and audio features. For the Super Bowl, these include more than 35 specially packaged NFL Super Bowl highlight reels from NFL Films, video of this season’s greatest plays, and the opportunity to vote for the NFL Play of the Year.

Other Super Bowl-related features found at Super Bowl@AOL will include:

* A daily comprehensive package of the essential news and exclusive interactive features such as “Super Bowl’s Most Shocking Moments;” “Where are They Now,” featuring legends and one-hit wonders from Super Bowls past; “Daily Matchup,” allowing members to vote on all aspects of the two teams both on the field and off; and much more; * The AOL(r) Gender Bowl(tm) feature: A “battle of the sexes” where members of the opposite sex can go head-to-head with their perspectives on Super Bowl topics;

* Two-Minute Drill: A regular array of fun facts from the Super Bowl covering food, football, newsmakers, history, parties and more;

* The Party: All the information needed to plan an award-winning Super Bowl party, including recipes, invitations and tips;

* Super Bowl Fan Central: An opportunity to interact with fans everywhere via message boards and with other interactive features such as SuperBuddy(tm) icons, Instant Greetings(tm) messages, “Super Fans” blogs and “Rate A Fanatic,” where fans can rate other members’ passion for the Super Bowl; and

* “Time Out With Roy Firestone” video: Featuring exclusive interviews by the award-winning broadcaster.

Super Bowl@AOL will allow consumers to have on-demand access to video and audio of the musical performances featured in the AOL TopSpeed Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show, produced by MTV. Confirmed performers include Janet Jackson, P. Diddy, Kid Rock and Nelly.

In addition, AOL will offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the excitement of Super Bowl week with inside access to Super Bowl parties, performances and more. A special celebrity “guest host” will be on the ground in Houston to provide an insider’s look at the hottest events surrounding the big game.

AOL(r) Latino will launch a special package for the Super Bowl with unique and innovative programming, including a preview of the match, a gallery of the Latino players in the NFL, live chat during Super Bowl Sunday, a game recap and a photo gallery of the best moments of the game, celebrities in attendance, and more.

AOL(r) Games will host a special Football Blowout area which will let fans go behind the scenes and get the scoop on Electronic Arts’ new “NFL Street” game. They can also play a “Madden NFL 2004” game demo, see a “making of” video, sign up for the exclusive AOL Madden Bowl Online tournament and watch a video of the Madden Bowl event in Houston during Super Bowl-providing a virtual backstage pass to the event as well as the celebrity-studded after-party. Other football games, including “Perfect Passer” and “All-Star Football,” are also available for free at AOL Keyword: Football Blowout.

Newly Designed Offers Free Super Bowl Content to Consumers on the Web As part of AOL’s expanded Super Bowl coverage, a newly designed will, for the first time, offer Web users access to entertainment and sports content normally only available to AOL members. From January 26 through February 3, AOL will leverage the popularity of the game, the entertainment surrounding the Super Bowl and the much-anticipated Super Bowl ads to attract new consumers to by offering a range of content for free. This content will include viewing and voting on past and present Super Bowl ads, access to NFL@AOL video, the ability to view musical performances from the Halftime Show on-demand and more.

AOL Unleashes New Ads Featuring Stars of “American Chopper” Speed and motorcycles go hand in hand, and the stars of the breakout hit “American Chopper” demonstrate this in AOL’s newest ad campaign promoting TopSpeed technology. Three 30-second ads breaking during Super Bowl XXXVIII depict the misadventures of the Teutuls-Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey-as they attempt to use TopSpeed technology to soup up their choppers.

“American Chopper” is Discovery Channel’s hit reality-based program (Mondays 10 PM ET/PT) that follows the Teutul family as they bicker and tussle while building customized motorcylces in their Orange County Chopper shop against seemingly impossible deadlines.

“Super Bowl commercials have become a pop culture phenomenon and AOL, as a major brand, wanted to play in that field. The Teutuls of ‘American Chopper’ combine the drama of a real-life family, with the messaging of AOL’s TopSpeed technology-after all, they make motorcycles-and the humor we’ve come to expect in Super Bowl ads. This should be a winning match,” said Len Short, Executive Vice President of Brand Marketing, America Online.

In addition to the three ads, a series of 15-second spots and 10-second promos will air during the 10 days leading up to the Super Bowl and following the AFC and NFC playoffs. Several 10-second promos will also air pre-game and during the game. The ads will promote both the AOL TopSpeed Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show and the availability of special Super Bowl content on 

AOL Unveils “Ultimate Player’s Pad” at the NFL Experience As the title sponsor of the NFL Experience at the George R. Brown Convention Center, open January 23 – February 1, AOL has developed an “Ultimate Player’s Pad.” Here visitors will get the opportunity to see, touch and interact with products and services available on AOL. A sequenced flow of games, activities, and other Super Bowl-related events aligns the AOL and the NFL brands, showcases AOL’s cutting-edge technology, and enables fans to experience AOL for Broadband and AOL 9.0 Optimized-all within a venue designed to look as if it could be the home of a hot NFL player.