Reebok aims for Super Bowl buzz

By Chris Reidy

For the first time since 1994, Reebok International Ltd. plans to air an ad during the Super Bowl. Wanting to maximize surprise, the Canton-based maker of athletic shoes and apparel offered only a few details.

Reebok said, however, that the ad features Terry Tate, “a fictional overzealous office worker who is dedicated to righting the wrongs of inconsiderate co-workers.” Teaser ads for the Super Bowl spot are set to begin airing over the weekend. And beginning on Jan. 26, Super Bowl Sunday, a special Web site will exhibit four four-minute films that build on the Terry Tate theme.

Several factors persuaded Reebok to return to the Super Bowl. For openers, its licensing deal with the National Football League is in high gear. And Reebok thinks it’s generating a lot of buzz thanks to marketing agreements with such pop stars as Jay-Z and Shakira. The Super Bowl, Reebok said, offers a chance to crank up the decibel level on this buzz.

“Our 60-second Super Bowl XXXVII spot is just one link in a strong marketing chain that has been creating a lot of excitement,” said chief marketing officer Micky Pant.

The Super Bowl ad is the work of Hypnotic of Los Angeles and Arnell Group of New York.

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