McD's Super Bowl spot falls short

McD’s Super Bowl spot falls short

After some three hours of football is played and more than 60 commercials are aired during the Super Bowl, it may be tough for viewers to remember “Tough Day,” the 30-second McDonald’s spot from DDB/Chicago that will debut after the the national anthem and just before kickoff.

“Tough Day” plays on a familiar theme of a youngster pretending to be an adult. A young kid is sitting in the home library with his father as both reminisce about their respective rough days at school and work. Pop had to deal with a broken-down car and overtime at work, while the kid got hit with a surprise math quiz and a flat tire on his bicycle.

Overhearing their lamentations, mom proposes a visit to McDonald’s, which prompts the kid to remark, in a grown up way, that such suggestions are “why I love this woman.” The commercial has a mild punch, but not enough to resonate for long as viewers hunker down for the parade of showy advertising that will quickly follow.