Many Americans Feel Super Bowl Sunday Isn't So Super

New Insightexpress Survey Finds that One Third Will Pass On the “Big Game”; For those that Do Watch – Almost Half Tune in for the Commercials

STAMFORD, CONN.-On January 26th more than half of all Americans (54%) will watch the Super Bowl – but not just for the game. A survey of 500 Americans conducted by InsightExpress, a professional online marketing research firm, revealed that two out of every five who will watch, tune in for the commercials. Those who are not lured by the appeal of the game or the commercials – a full one third of all Americans – expressed that Super Bowl Sunday is an excellent opportunity for businesses offering alternative entertainment to score big.

Of those not planning to watch, three out of four will avoid the game because of their lack of interest in football. What would interest this group on the Sunday football made famous? The survey found dining out at a restaurant that will not broadcast the Super Bowl tops non-football fan’s list of entertainment choices, followed closely by movie discounts. More specifically the survey revealed what interested those not watching the “Big Game”:

Alternative Super Bowl Activities Percentage of People Who Would Likely Consider Participating

-Dining out at restaurants that don’t televise the game 43%

-Going to a movie theatre if Super Bowl discounts were offered 40%

-Renting videos/DVDs if 2 for 1 rentals were offered 37%

-Shopping at the mall if Super Bowl “sales” were offered 23%

“Clearly significant revenue opportunities exist for establishments who offer non-Super Bowl related activities,” said Lee Smith, president of InsightExpress. “Historically, marketers focus their attention on those who do watch the game, and ignore the opportunities that the ‘non-viewer’ present.”

For those who will tune in to the Super Bowl, commercials are as much a part of the experience as the game itself. Super Bowl commercials that use humor are rated the highest among respondents as most memorable (61%), followed by those that are visually appealing/have special effects (43%). Favorite commercials from last year include the Budweiser Clydesdales bowing to New York (25%) and Blockbuster’s dancing guinea pig (24%).

Additionally, the survey revealed that three out of five respondents pay closer attention to Super Bowl ads than they do to everyday ads, and 20% pay more attention to the commercials than they do to the actual game. The survey also found that 29% have tried a product as a result of seeing it advertised during the Super Bowl, while only 18% say that their opinion of a company was enhanced through a Super Bowl ad.

“Super Bowl ads are typically more memorable and make longer lasting impressions on viewers. Advertisers, knowing Super Bowl audiences look to the commercials as entertainment, can maximize their effectiveness by delivering humorous, and innovative ads,” said Smith.

The survey was created, distributed and tabulated during a 36-hour period in early January 2003. The data has a tolerance of +/- 4.4%.