Few Net Ads On Super Bowl Sunday


Job Sites The Exception

Scott Budman

In 1984, it became perhaps the best-known of all Super Bowl ads. Running only once, Apple’s commercial is not only still talked about, but it also comes from a company still in existence. The same can’t be said for another ad shown just two years ago featuring “beginning.com,” a now out-of-business online wedding planner.

The Super Bowl is still the “Big Game” for TV advertising, bring in close to 100 million viewers.

This year, Yahoo will pitch its “Hot Jobs.com” Web site. Hot Jobs and Monster.com are the only Internet companies still appearing Super Bowl Sunday.

Yahoo’s Murray Gaylord explains why so few Internet companies will see the airwaves.

“The Super Bowl is used as a showcase for many advertisers to say ‘we are a big player, important,’ and the ‘dot coms’ thought all they had to do is advertise in the Super Bowl, and they’d be rich and famous,” Gaylord said.

ABC says a 30-second spot during this year’s Super Bowl will cost just north of $2 million. But it has been worth for some dot com sites.

Gaylord said, “Hot jobs has been on in the past and seen results. Traffic on the site goes up.”

So while the Net blitz may be over, there are a couple of tech companies still in the game.

Look for another Bay Area company, blue jean-maker Levi Strauss, also to make a Super Sunday commercial appearance.

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