AOL Broadband to Present Your Favorite Commercials from Super Bowl XXXVII


Unique Super Bowl Package to Be Promoted Live, on Air, by Chris Berman During and Immediately Following the Big Game

The game. The commercials. The party. The commercials. Over the years, Super Bowl commercials have become an entity unto themselves, and to satiate the palate of Super Bowl commercial connoisseurs, AOL Broadband is presenting a special Super Bowl Ads area. In this comprehensive online area, AOL members can view a collection of Super Bowl XXXVII ads and voice their opinions on them immediately after the game.

AOL Broadband’s Super Bowl Ad package will include ads from some of the nation’s top brands, many of which are notorious for enhancing the Super Bowl experience with their humor and ingenuity. This unique online package will be promoted live, on air, during and immediately following the game by Chris Berman, host of Super Bowl XXXVII, who will invite the more than 90 million US Super Bowl viewers to check out and vote for their favorite commercials on AOL and at

“The commercials are as much a part of the Super Bowl as the game itself, and millions of people tune in to the event specifically to see the ads,” said Joe Redling, chief marketing officer, America Online, Inc. “We hope that AOL Broadband’s Super Bowl Ads area becomes the place for fans to congregate post-game to talk about the highlights and low lights of their favorite ads.”

For all members, AOL’s Super Bowl coverage also includes a comprehensive line-up of video content offered by AOL Sports in conjunction with the NFL, including:

— Super Bowl “All-Access”: a video diary from a player on each of the two participating teams offering sports fans an inside look at Super Bowl mania in San Diego;

— Greatest Playoff/Super Bowl Moments: a video collection of the greatest playoff moments in the history of the NFL; and

— Video highlights from the 2002-2003 season.

Members can also participate in a series of polls about their thoughts on all things Super Bowl; active message boards and chat rooms for each team in the Super Bowl; community features allowing members to sound off for and against the two Super Bowl teams; and the latest scores, news and insider analysis.

The AOL Broadband Super Bowl Ads area is available at AOL Keyword: Super Bowl Ads and AOL members can also get the latest on the big game at AOL Keyword: Super Bowl.