Fox Nets $2m Per Super Bowl Ad

US broadcaster Fox has stated that it is attracting close to $2 million for a 30-second advertising spot for the upcoming Super Bowl.

Despite the predicted downturn of the event’s advertising revenues due to the economic recession, Fox is on course to attract the same advertising income as previous host broadcaster CBS did in 2001.

Even if Super Bowl advertising slows down, Fox still expects to take in about $150m in ad revenue on game day. With Fox-owned stations contributing another $50m, the network should accumulate a total income of $200m.

Jon Nesvig, Fox’s head of sales, comments: “We would have liked to have seen the ever-increasing growth rate continue, but we’re going to end up about where CBS was last year. If it weren’t for the Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl would be sold out by now.”

Contrary to the claims of the network, advertising agency executives are saying that they are aware of deals as low as $1.7m for the Super Bowl.

Drew Barrand