Chrysler Ads Will Air Pre-Game

New TV Spots on the ‘Chrysler Advantage,’ the ‘Jeep Promise’ and the ‘Dodge Edge’ Start Airing this Weekend

* 30-second Ads Will Support New Chrysler Group Incentive Program

* Ads Will Air During Super Bowl Pre-Game Show this Sunday

Auburn Hills, Mich./PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — This weekend is the national launch of three new television spots that will support Chrysler Group’s recently announced incentive programs for its Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge vehicles. The branded campaign airs February 1-7, and includes placement during the pre-game show of this year’s Super Bowl, airing Sunday, February 3 on the FOX-TV Network.

The new incentive program, announced this past Wednesday, includes up to $2,500 consumer cash on select 2002 model year Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge cars, trucks and minivans purchased now through February 28. The seven- year/100,000-mile powertrain protection plan on all Chrysler Group vehicles remains in effect until March 31.

“We have what consumers want — great products, great protection and a great value across all three of our brands,” said Jeff Bell, Chrysler Group Vice President — Marketing Communications.

“When you put it all together — outstanding cars and trucks, a 7-year/100,000 mile powertrain pledge that covers the engine and transmission, and up to $2,500 in consumer cash — you have the ‘Chrysler Advantage,’ the ‘Jeep Promise’ and the ‘Dodge Edge,”‘ said Bell. “Taking together, it’s clear that we offer customers something they can’t get anywhere else,” he added.

The three campaigns were developed by PentaMark Worldwide and will air on network and cable television nationally. Dealer Advertising Associations will begin regional TV placement simultaneously and will run throughout the month of February.

Because each brand is unique and distinct, the new 30-second TV spots are uniquely themed to advertise the sales events. Thus, viewers will see “Chrysler’s Great American Getaway,” “The Team Dodge Sales Event” and “Jeep’s Gear Up ‘n Get Out.”

The descriptions of the three television spots are as follows:

“The Chrysler’s Great American Getaway” — This 30-second spot opens with a serene blue sky. Below, the full lineup of Chrysler cars and minivans whizzes along the salt flats as the voice-over announces, “It’s here. Chrysler’s Great American Getaway.” The spot then cuts to the beauty and pageantry of Chrysler vehicles as they take a drive down a fashion runway, showing their break-through design and innovative features. During this display the voice-over further entices the viewer with the 7-year/100,000 mile Powertrain Pledge and the incentives of up to $2,500 consumer cash on select vehicles. “Great Products. Great Protection. Great Value — that’s the Chrysler Advantage.” The ad closes with the familiar Chrysler winged badge and the tag, “Drive = Love.”

“The Team Dodge Sales Event” — This 30-second spot opens up with a familiar phrase shoppers often hear when browsing a dealership, “Can I get you a cup of coffee?” Only in this case the shopper’s answer of “Sure,” sets off a fast-paced chain-reaction that looks like a pit-stop for a NASCAR driver. Here, the customer is prepped to drive off with one of the bold and powerful Dodge cars and trucks. The spot then cuts to quick stock footage of the Dodge lineup as the voice-over announces, “Great Products. Great Protection and Great Value. Up to $2,500 on select vehicles. That’s the Dodge Edge.” The spot then cuts back to the dealer throwing the customer his keys. It ends with the signature guitar riff of Dodge television commercials. On screen is the Dodge tag, “Grab Life by the Horns.”

“Jeep’s Gear Up ‘N Get Out” — This 30-second spot opens with action shots of various extreme sports, then cuts to beauty shots of the full-line of Jeep vehicles in all kinds of weather and in all kinds of terrain, thus reminding viewers that Jeep is the “most award-winning brand of 4×4.” The voice-over then let’s viewers know that “Only Jeep gets you there with protection like a 7-year/100,000 mile Powertrain Pledge. Plus generous cash allowances of up to $2,500 on select vehicles. Great Products. Great Protection. Great Values. That’s the Jeep Promise.” The ad ends with the word ‘promise’ dissolving and revealing the Jeep tag, “There’s Only One.”

SOURCE: Chrysler Group