Cadillac Ad Features Led Zeppelin

DETROIT (AP) – Cadillac, a car line associated with old-money luxury and gentility, is hooking up with Led Zeppelin, a British rock group band best known for hard-driving heavy metal music.

As part of a new marketing campaign called “Break Through” to raise the profile of Cadillac’s newest vehicles, the CTS, XLR, Escalade and Escalade EXT, television commercials will feature the song “Rock and Roll” by the group, General Motors Corp. said Tuesday.

It’s the first time Led Zeppelin has sold its music for commercial use, GM said.

“We wanted the `Break Through’ campaign to communicate a unified Cadillac message,” Kim Kosak, Cadillac director of advertising and promotions, said in a statement.

“The music lends a consistent message and tone throughout and also adds an emotional element to all the spots,” Kosak said.

The “Break Through” theme will be used in the marketing campaign during high profile events like the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, Academy Awards (news – web sites), Wimbledon (news – web sites) tennis and Ryder Cup golf along with other prime-time programming.

“The new campaign helps the luxury vehicle buyer understand that Cadillac is back with a bold new product lineup,” said Mark LaNeve, Cadillac general manager.

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