CBS says no to cows coming home

Hey, you singing cows! Mooo-ve away from that television!

CBS has decreed that there be no singing cow commercials during Super Bowl on Jan. 28.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) says the television network has refused to air its 30-second spot that features cows singing these lyrics:

“I’m a steer, and they’re steering you wrong

“Listen now, I’m a cow, and I don’t have long

“Our sweet back sides would like to stay together

“We don’t want to be your leather

“Won’t you show me some love, don’t make me kid gloves

“Or a jacket or a shoe, ‘cuz my skin ain’t for you

“Do I make myself clear? Keep your hands off my rear!”

The commercial, which can be viewed at, was kicked out of the Super Bowl lineup because the network didn’t want to air advocacy ads.

“Bull!” said Lisa Lange of PETA.

PETA’s banned commercial revives footage of real cows who won an Oscar back in the 1940s when their mouths were animated for a musical short. Pat Irwin, keyboardist for the B-52s, added music to the black-and-white film.

Nobody has said anything yet about those “pigskins” – footballs (the NFL uses 3,000 a season) that are made from leather.