Levi's Jeans Gets Into the Game With Its Advertising Debut in Super Bowl XXXV


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Super Bowl Marketing Overview

Continuing on the success of its “Make Them Your Own” campaign, the Levi’s® brand is getting into the game – the Super Bowl that is – for the first time in its history with a new multi-part television commercial, online activities and a retail program. With an estimated 80 million plus audience, Levi’s® views the Super Bowl as the perfect opportunity to launch their new Levi’s® Re-Issued 569(TM) Jeans for men.

Levi’s® “Jeans Donor” Commercial

The humorous story line of a three-part television spot, “Jeans Donor,” focuses on the Re-Issued 569(TM) Jeans, a loose, straight jean which is quickly becoming a “must have” for men. A new “Re-Issued” finish, which gives the jeans a worn-in, vintage look, is available for spring 2001.

“Jeans Donor” plays off of people’s attachment to their Levi’s® jeans and the growing trend towards wearing denim with a vintage-like, previously-worn look. The spot will unfold gradually throughout Super Bowl weekend with a prequel, the Super Bowl Spot, a sequel and a final all-inclusive spot. The spot is a continuation of the Levi’s® “Make Them Your Own” campaign which launched fall 2000 and brings to life what is at the core of the Levi’s® brand – people’s desire to express their individuality and unique personalities.

Innovative Media Strategy The spot will roll out in a unique three-part series as follows:

* “Jeans Donor” Prequel (:15) – Saturday, Jan. 27 – Sunday, Jan. 28,

* Concept: Consumers are teased with a spot that will leave them wondering what just happened on their TV screen

* Spot buy: MTV, ESPN Super Bowl-themed programs and syndicated NFL programming

* “Jeans Donor” (:30) – Sunday, Jan. 28

* Concept: A dramatic sequence of events, including the “saving” of a young man’s life by an unknowing jeans donor

* Spot buy: Super Bowl XXXV, second quarter, CBS

* “Jeans Donor” Sequel (:15) – Sunday, Jan. 28 – Monday, Jan. 29

* Concept: The jeans donor character is re-visited

* Spot buy: ESPN

* “Jeans Donor” (:60) – Sunday, Jan. 28 – Monday, Jan. 29

* Concept: The “Jeans Donor” story is shown in its entirety

* Spot buy: ESPN

The “Jeans Donor” spot was developed by Levi’s® partner TBWA/Chiat/Day, San Francisco.

Online Activities

Similar to the spot’s roll out on television, the “Jeans Donor” story will unfold on www.levi.com, including:

* Sneak Preview of “Jeans Donor” – the “Jeans Donor” prequel can be seen January 21-28 on levi.com. Consumers will be driven to levi.com for the Super Bowl ad preview via announcements through an online ad buy on key sports sites

* “Jeans Donor” (:60) – starting January 28 consumers can see the “Jeans Donor” spot in its entirety on levi.com, along with “where to buy” information for Levi’s® Re-Issued 569(TM) Jeans and other products

Retail Tie-in

Levis® will also be making noise in the Tampa area surrounding Super Bowl Weekend with a host of retail-based activities, including:

* Retail appearances — via a tie-in with Levi’s® retailer Dillards, the Levi’s® Make Them Your Own Zone, a traveling Levi’s® experience, which allows consumers to customize their Levi’s®, will make appearances (Friday, January 26 and Saturday, January 27) at two Dillards stores, offering consumers:

* A chance to win tickets to the NFL Experience

* An opportunity to win gift certificates for Levi’s® 569s or women’s Superlow jeans as well as a chance to customize other Levi’s® denim product

* Levi’s® “Make Them Your Own” giveaways

* “Jeans Donor” Cards – street teams will distribute “Jeans Donor” cards which will drive traffic to select Dillards locations

* Radio ad buy and promotion – beginning two weeks prior to Super Bowl Sunday, local Tampa radio listeners will have a chance to win new Levi’s® 569s or Superlows via a radio ad buy and promotion designed to drive traffic to retail appearances

Levi Strauss created the world’s first pair of jeans in 1873 and today is the number one jeans brand in the world. For more information on Levi’s visit www.levi.com.

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Ketchum Jared Dougherty, 646/935-4048 jared.dougherty@ketchum.com or Levi Strauss & Co. Kendra Gourvitz, 415/501-1006 kgourvitz@levi.com or TBWA/Chiat/Day Jeremy Miller, 310/305-5511 jeremy.miller@tbwachiat.com