CBS and RCA Join Forces To Present Super Bowl XXXV and AFC Playoffs in HDTV

NEW YORK and INDIANAPOLIS /PRNewswire/ — CBS Television and THOMSON multimedia’s RCA brand have entered into an advertising agreement for Thomson (NYSE:TMS) to underwrite the costs of producing high-definition coverage of Super Bowl XXXV as well as the four AFC playoff games.

Produced by CBS, the five live HDTV telecasts will be produced and transmitted independent of the regularly scheduled CBS football coverage being broadcast on the traditional analog network. All NFL HDTV programming will be broadcast in 1920 x 1080i, the highest-definition widescreen digital television format.

The five games are: AFC Wildcard: Sunday, December 31, 2000; AFC Division playoffs: Saturday, January 6, and Sunday, January 7, 2001; The AFC Championships: Sunday, January 14 and Super Bowl XXXV, Sunday January 28, from Tampa, Florida.

“CBS Sports is pleased to partner with Thomson and further the network’s position as a leader in the digital sports television area,” said Sean McManus, President, CBS Sports. “From primetime to the best in sports television to the most watched television event of the year, CBS continues to create more opportunities than other network for viewers to enjoy high-definition television in all dayparts.”

“As the consumer electronics sponsor for the NFL and a leading manufacturer of digital television products, RCA is the ideal company to bring the finale of the football season to homes in HDTV,” said Tom Wardrop, Vice President – Advertising, Americas for RCA. “The Super Bowl is the most watched program all year on television, and we expect that America’s favorite broadcast will spur interest in America’s favorite TV brand — RCA. Once football fans see their favorite games in HDTV, they’ll never want to go back to the same old screen,” Wardrop said.

Thirty-one of CBS’s owned and affiliated stations are currently broadcasting in digital, covering approximately 45% of the nation. By the end of the year, CBS expects to be transmitting digital programming across approximately 41 stations, reaching approximately 58% of the U.S.

The consumer electronics industry’s most comprehensive selection of digital television products is available from RCA, the brand that introduced commercial television service. RCA digital TV products include an affordable set-top DTC100 HDTV receiver ($649 suggested retail price). The versatile and affordable DTC100 receives over-the-air analog and digital broadcasts, as well as standard and high-definition services from the DIRECTV satellite system.

RCA also offers a line of projection and direct-view Digital High-Resolution Monitors and has just introduced a new, fully-integrated 38-inch widescreen HDTV set ($3,799 suggested retail price). The 38-inch RCA HDTV is now shipping to retailers and allows viewers to watch over-the-air analog and digital programming from local broadcasters as well as standard digital and high-definition programs from the DIRECTV satellite service.

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About THOMSON multimedia:

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Contact: Dana McClintock of CBS Corporation, 212-975-1077; or LeslieAnne Wade of CBS Sports, 212-975-5171; or Dave Arland of RCA, 317-587-4450