Apple spot in running for 'favorite Super Bowl' ad

by Dennis Sellers,

SuperBowl XXXV is upon us later this month — the annual American football championship game takes place on Jan. 28th in Tampa, Fla. The event draws as much attention for the advertising that runs in between plays as for the game itself — companies dump millions into brief spots during the SuperBowl, and past TV viewers of SuperBowl games have been witness to such classics as Apple’s legendary “1984” spot. Now USAToday is running an online poll in which you can vote on your “Favorite Super Bowl Ads.”

A panel of USA TODAY reporters and producers of the CBS show, “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials,” selected 10 commercials as the most innovative, humorous or memorable Super Bowl ads of all time. The results will be announced on “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials,” to be broadcast on CBS Saturday Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. (Eastern). Or you can visit for the results on Sunday, Jan. 28.

In the running — and previewed on the poll site — are ads from Xerox (1977), Coca-Cola (1980), Apple (1984), Nike (1992), McDonalds (1993), Pepsi (two different ads from 1995), Frito Lay’s Doritos (1998), Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser (1999), E-Trade (2000).

Ironically, the previews are in the Real format, not QuickTime. (Thanks to MacCentral reader Joshua Hatch for the heads-up on this item.)