7-UP Debuts New Ads During Super Bowl


LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) – The ‘Make 7-UP Yours’ advertising campaign is back with seven new television commercials making their debut during the Jan. 28 Super Bowl pre-game show on CBS. One 30-second and six 15-second commercials will air. All of the commercials will once again feature actor Orlando Jones as a well-intentioned 7-UP marketing executive.

The new 7-UP 15-second commercials are known as “Nudist Colony,” “Taste Test,” “Backpack,” “Dog,” “Pool,” and “Floor Logo” and were shot in December. “Dog” and “Taste Test” also come in 30-second versions, but “Taste Test” will not air on Sunday.

“We are capitalizing on the immense popularity of the Make 7-UP Yours advertising campaign that ran last year,” stated Dr Pepper/7-Up, Inc. Chief Advertising Officer John Clarke. “The campaign truly connected with its intended 12- to 24-year-old target audience, in addition to both older and younger consumers,” Clarke added. “The net result is that 7-UP advertising awareness, brand awareness and, most importantly, sales increased.”

The 2001 campaign is breaking during the Super Bowl pre-game show because, according to Clarke, “There are several hours of pre-game programming leading up to kickoff. We believe the audience will build throughout the day and we can get more frequent exposure for our investment by having several units in pre-game programming vs. a single, in-game commercial.”