Pinnacle Systems Makes the Playoffs, Helping ABC Network Create Spectacular Graphics for NFC Wildcard Game bowl&sv=IS&lk=noframes&col=NX&kt=A&ak=news1486

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE) FXDeko Thunder and DVEXtreme Winning Lineup Used to Get Stunning Graphics to Air Live!

Pinnacle Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:PCLE), a leader in broadcast and consumer video solutions, announced that the ABC Television Network used three Pinnacle products to create graphics for the Jan. 8 NFC Wildcard playoff game in which the Washington Redskins defeated the Detroit Lions.

After the successful use of this equipment during the playoff game, ABC is using Pinnacle products for most of the live graphics programming at the 2000 Super Bowl.

ABC used Pinnacle’s FXDeko character generator, Thunder Video Server and DVEXtreme Digital Video Effects systems to create the “NFL Notes” for the playoff game.

To display the NFL Notes at the game, ABC relied on a self-contained “Graphics Control Room” made up of the three pieces of Pinnacle equipment. Text was displayed and animated by the FXDeko system. Within the DVEXtreme, a looping video clip from the Thunder Video Server was combined with that text from the FXDeko.

The DVEXtreme added a logo, and page-turned the entire graphic onto the screen. All the operations were controlled from the FXDeko, which automatically called up matching Thunder Video Server clips and DVEXtreme effects. This approach shows the power of Pinnacle’s BroadNeT, resulting in better broadcast graphics.

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Preparation time was short, because the playoff teams weren’t finalized until Monday, Jan. 3. Fortunately, the FXDeko’s database features allowed Pinnacle Systems to easily prepare for a game between any two teams in the NFC.

“With less than five days to prepare, it was clear that we needed a systematic approach to getting ready for the game, and Pinnacle’s equipment provided the power and flexibility that ABC needed,” said Rob Rizzuto, Pinnacle Systems broadcast product specialist.

“We downloaded the team rosters off their Web sites, put team logos and graphics into the system, and the majority of the work was done. With this database in place, I can now be ready for a game between any two teams in about six minutes.”

Because FXDeko is an open system, Rizzuto was able to assemble graphics in advance on the same character generator platform that was used on air. He utilized standard graphics tools that allowed for changes in background graphics and even TrueType font creation without switching workstations.

“We were looking for a graphics system that would provide us with a variety of looks and animation,” said Bob Toms, creative director for ABC Sports. “We also required the ability to integrate 3D animation and moving backgrounds in a moment’s notice. The system that Pinnacle supplied exceeded our demands. We’re looking forward to see how far we can push it in our Super Bowl telecast.”

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