After Nachos, It's All About the Ads

SOURCE: The Procter & Gamble Company

Survey Says Ads are More Popular Than Beer Among Guys Watching Super Bowl XXXIV

CINCINNATI, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ — The biggest challenge for guys watching this year’s Super Bowl will not be betting on the winning team but hearing the commercials over the sound of their own crunching.

According to a nationwide survey from Whitewater, the new men’s fragrance from Old Spice, the top activities guys will be doing during this year’s Super Bowl are:

 1. Eating/snacking (82%)
2. Watching the ads (60%)
3. Yelling at the TV screen (52%)
4. Hanging out with the guys (46%)
5. Drinking beer (44%)
6. Swearing or cursing (39%)
7. Betting on the game (26%) 

The survey also revealed that Super Bowl Sunday may no longer be exclusively male territory. Although the majority of Super Bowl viewers will be male (65% vs. 45% women), only 6% of guys think the Super Bowl should be “for men only.”

The survey is the latest in a series of surveys about the passions and behaviors of men. The surveys are conducted by Whitewater, the new refreshing scent from Old Spice, which was designed “for men only.”

Ladies who plan to be in the company of men this Super Bowl Sunday will be relieved to hear the findings from an earlier Whitewater Survey that reveals the top impulses guys say they suppress in front of the opposite sex:

 1. Picking their noses (72%)
2. Passing "gas" (67%)
3. Spitting (62%)
4. Belching (60%)
5. "Adjusting" themselves (58%) 

What will guys be doing after the Super Bowl? According to the same survey mentioned above, the top activities that guys said are for men only include:

 1. Smoking cigars (29%)
2. Playing contact sports (26%)
3. Weight lifting (17%)
4. Quality bathroom time (16%)
5. Channel surfing (16%) 

A total of 1,007 telephone interviews were conducted January 14-16, 2000 among a nationally representative sample of adults 18 years of age and over. The previous study was conducted September 23-26, 1999 among 501 males and 515 females. The interviews were conducted in OmniTel and Caravan (respectively), national telephone omnibus surveys. The surveys were developed for Whitewater by Leflein Associates, Inc., and fielded by Bruskin/Goldring Research of Edison, New Jersey and Opinion Research Corporation International of Princeton, New Jersey.

First introduced in 1937, Old Spice is the leading men’s fragrance brand in the United States. Whitewater, which was designed for men only, was launched in May 1999 and is the latest fragrance from the Old Spice brand.

SOURCE: The Procter & Gamble Company