Super Bowl gets 43.2 rating

NEW YORK (AP) – The Super Bowl received a 43.2 rating and a 62 share, up 7 percent from last year, Nielsen Media Research said today.

St. Louis’ stirring 23-16 victory over Tennessee was not decided until the final play, keeping viewer interest up throughout ABC’s broadcast.

Last year’s game, Denver’s 34-19 win over Atlanta, got a 40.2 rating and 61 share, the lowest rating since the 1990 game registered a 39.0 rating.

With two small markets, ABC said last week it hoped for a 42.0 rating for this year’s game.

The rating is the percentage of television households watching a telecast, and each point represents 1,008,000 homes. The share is the percentage tuned in among those televisions on at the time.

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