Microsoft Targets Biz Bowl Audience

Microsoft Heads to Super Sunday Microsoft plans to introduce two new TV spots in its unfolding "Business Internet" campaign during the Super Bowl pre-game show this Sunday.

The spots show a befuddled businessman struggling to understand how e-business works, a theme highlighted in Microsoft’s previous two efforts in the campaign, launched in mid-December via McCann-Erickson Worldwide,San Francisco.

In one, a businessman giving a speech is repeatedly questioned about e-business in jargon. As he grows more confused, the spot ends with him saying to a colleague, "That was a good question." The other spot shows the businessman in an airport. As an announcement plays, he daydreams that message is about e-business. As it ends, he is jolted awake as the content returns to boarding and departure information. The two spots end with the narrated line: "The Business Internet. It starts with Microsoft," though Microsoft’s tagline, "Where do you want to go today?" is visible under the company’s logo.

Both spots feature actor John Bedford Lloyd, who appeared in a previous spot in the campaign, but McCann director of client services Michael McClaren said future spots will use other actors. Separately, McClaren said there will be some "significant print efforts" but not likely no TV ads to support the launch of the corporate-focused Windows 2000. "At this stage, it’s under discussion," he said, "but it won’t be dedicated launch-type work.” Though PCs with Windows 2000 became available this week, the official launch is set for Feb. 17