Victoria's Secret Ad a Hit for Web Site


Victoria’s Secret’s 30-second Super Bowl ad garnered the lingerie retailer 1 million visits to its Web site within an hour of the spot’s broadcast, company executives said. And the Columbus, Ohio-based maker of all things silky and wearable under clothes is hoping at least some of those visitors will return to the site tonight for a Web simulcast of its supermodel-laden New York City fashion show. “People missed the point. It was like, ‘Victoria’s Secret is running an ad in the Super Bowl, wink, wink, nudge, nudge,’ ” said Chief Creative Officer Ed Razek. “A million people stopped what they were doing, as the game was running, to get up and do something else.”

Razek said the company has not tallied the number of sales during the high-volume hour, but he said the figures might be low because the number of people trying to access the site slowed the system. Ads during the Atlanta Falcons-Denver Broncos matchup averaged $1.6 million for 30 seconds. It was the lowest-rated Super Bowl since 1990, according to early viewership reports.