Super Bowl XXXIII Fits Into Honda Odyssey Game Plan

TORRANCE, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — Honda will advertise its all-new Odyssey minivan during the 1999 Super Bowl and has put together a complete game plan to support it.

The elements of the multi-media Super Bowl package were developed by Honda’s advertising agency, Rubin Postaer and Associates. It includes a television commercial, print ads, a dealer merchandising package and an Internet sweepstakes – all targeted to appeal to current and perspective minivan owners

“With one Super Bowl commercial you can reach more than 43 million households and the key word is households,” said Paul Sellers, national advertising manager at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Watching the Super Bowl has become an event for the entire family and that’s exactly who we’re targeting with our Odyssey campaign, the whole family.”

The Odyssey television ad, which is scheduled to air during the fourth commercial break of the game’s second quarter, features a courtroom situation built around a family’s negotiations to select the perfect minivan.

The advertisement highlights each family member’s requirements as presented by a different attorney√≥versatile seating options for the twins, cargo space for mom, a surplus of cupholders for junior and a fold-down magic third seat for the family dog.

Backing the television ad is an Odyssey print ad to be featured in USA Today’s Super Bowl special section on Friday, Jan. 29. The campaign also includes the Odyssey Family Getaway Internet sweepstakes.

Through Internet advertising banners on Web sites that match the audience demographics of potential Odyssey buyers, consumers are asked to answer a question about the Odyssey, qualifying them to win an all-expense paid trip for four to see the Broadway production of the Lion King in New York. To double their chance to win, participants can return to the site during and after the game to answer a question about the Honda commercial seen on the Super Bowl.

“To take full advantage of a commercial on the Super Bowl and get maximum return on investment, you need to put together a complete promotional package,” Sellers noted. “It’s not just an ad during the second quarter of the game, it’s a whole month of promotions.”

Consumers can enter the sweepstakes now through Feb. 6 at > through the floating advertising banner on one of six sites owned by Buena Vista Internet Group Web Sites. The sites include;;;; and

The Super Bowl promotion also includes a dealer merchandising package with all Honda dealers receiving an oversized Odyssey football jersey, Super Bowl program, hat and a commemorative pin.