Pro/Con: Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl has come and gone, and the advertisers shelled out $93 million to run their commercials during the Sunday game. Fox Network said 58 spots were shown during the game that ran nearly four hours.

Which was your favorite, or least favorite?

Con: Debra Schoenfeld, 24, a Canton Township waitress. That’s easy. It was the Victoria’s Secret thing, or should I say sleaze. Come up, turn the sound down and you wouldn’t know if it was an ad for lingerie, or a commercial for a strip club. But I guess the Super Bowl is a man thing. And Valentine’s Day is coming up, so it made sense for them to advertise at a football game watched mostly by men. God, I hope my guy didn’t see that. He may have second thoughts. But then again, he’s no John Elway, either. Maybe, next year GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) will do a commercial. That would attract some female viewers, I bet.

Pro: John Dantley, 23, a Livonia gasoline station attendant. Hey man, give me a break. The Victoria’s Secret thing was out of sight. There was about six of us watching the game at my buddy’s apartment. One guy starting screaming to put a tape in the VCR to get it down. I could have watched that 10 times. We scrambled but couldn’t find one in time. There were guys jumping up and down. Beer was spilled all over the place. If the Falcons could have come up with that much energy, they would have made that game a lot more fun to watch.