Philips Electronics Unveils Its First Super Bowl Ad

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) – Philips Electronics this week will debut its first ever Super Bowl commercial advertisement. The new spot features the consumer electronics giant’s new 64-inch high definition projection television. The commercial, airing in the second quarter of the Super Bowl, is the newest spot in the company’s most successful and largest global marketing effort in the company’s 107-year history.

The spot was created by Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/EURO RSCG (“MVBMS/EURO RSCG”), the advertising arm of the Paris-based HAVAS Group. The on-going global advertising campaign has been integrated with extensive promotion and public relations. Media include network and cable television, print, out of home, and online venues. “This commercial continues our aggressive efforts to establish our brand in the United States. Philips is on the move; we are positioning the company as a brand and market leader,” said John Losier, president and CEO of Philips Electronics North America. “HDTV is a “star” product that emphasizes our commitment to be the leader in digital technology.”

The new 64-inch HDTV set retails for $9,990 and will be available to consumers in late January or early February. An evolution of the company’s three-year old “Let’s Make Things Better” branding effort, Philips’ new advertising campaign is one of the most popular campaigns on TV today, featuring ads for Flat TV, Audio CD-Recorder and Halogena light bulbs. The wry, humorous ads portray young, clever, motivated consumers finding ways to improve their everyday lives with the help of Philips’ products.

The newest spot depicts a twenty-something couple going on a movie date in his convertible. After she gets into the car, he suddenly wheels it across the street into another driveway. His puzzled date watches as the garage door opens to reveal the new 64-inch HDTV. He pulls Philips new universal remote control, The Pronto, out of the glove compartment to turn on the set. The on-screen payoff features a clip from Austin Powers. The woman smiles. The date is a success.

The commercial also features the highly requested, new Philips ad theme “Getting Better” by the Beatles, recorded by British rock group Gomez.

“Philips newest advertising spot is a phenomenal way to kick-off 1999. We’ll reach the largest audience at one time to ever view a Philips brand message. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show viewers throughout the US and the world how we deliver on our brand promise, ‘Let’s Make Things Better,'” said Ed Volkwein, executive vice president, Philips Global Brand Management, North America.

Philips’ strategy for this campaign was borne from a comprehensive global consumer research and segmentation study conducted by the company, which analyzed consumer lifestyles and values, relationships and attitudes toward technology. It also queried how they make purchasing decisions, and a variety of other factors related directly and indirectly to Philips’ business. Philips interviewed 14,000 consumers in 17 countries for the study.

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