Micron Electronics Tackles Super Bowl in Continuing Campaign to Reach New Audiences


NAMPA, Idaho (BUSINESS WIRE) – Micron Electronics, Inc., (NASDAQ:MUEI), a leading direct vendor of desktop, notebook and server systems, today announced that it will advertise during the Super Bowl pre-game shows as part of its continuing “New Rules, New Tools,” advertising and branding campaign. As part of its ongoing efforts, Micron will be scheduling its recently debuted “New Rules, New Tools” TV advertisement to hit the airwaves again in the Super Bowl XXXIII pre-game line-up.

Additionally, Micron will be the exclusive sponsor of ESPN’s Super Bowl XXXIII content portal (www.espn.com), which is expected to net 3.7 million impressions. “The combination of the pre-game Super Bowl ad spots and our marquee sponsorship on ESPN’s Super Bowl website is part of Micron’s bid to dramatically raise the company’s visibility and build brand awareness among millions of potential customers,” said Joel Kocher, Chairman and CEO.

The ad will appear nine times throughout the pre-game television festivities, including placement on FOX’s “All Access” show hosted by Keith Olbermann; and “The Outback Steakhouse All-Millennium All-Madden Special,” hosted by John Madden. Additionally, Micron has signed up to be the Official PC of the “All Access” show, which will feature a Micron personal computer on the set.

The ESPN exclusive sponsorship includes banners and buttons on ESPN’s Super Bowl XXXIII content portal and the NFL.com website. A Micron personal computer system will be awarded as the grand prize in ESPN’s Super Bowl “Over/Under” game.

“The FOX pre-game shows and ESPN sponsorship represent a very cost-effective way for Micron to reach people. According to the ratings, with the nine times our ad will run before the show even starts, we’ll be making 52 million impressions. On the ESPN website, we estimate our banners and buttons will create about 4 million impressions,” said Mike Rosenfelt, Micron’s Creative Director. “We get the glow from the Super Bowl, and the huge viewing audience, but at a cost that’s much more compatible with David’s, not Goliath’s, purse strings.”

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