Declares Super Bowl Ad a Success

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) – It was only a matter of seconds after the security officer in’s 30-second Super Bowl XXXIII ad landed his dream position, when Richard Johnson knew that his start-up Internet-based recruiting company had arrived. “The response was immediate. As soon as the demand hit our servers, it confirmed for us that the Super Bowl is indeed the Holy Grail of advertising,” says Johnson,’s CEO and President.

Five minutes after the commercial ran, the volume of people accessing surged five-fold. But the effects of the ad, and the widespread press coverage of the company’s trek to the Super Bowl, had already changed forever. “Last week we were an Internet company. This week we’re a brand,” Johnson says. “ is a walking case history proving that the Super Bowl is the absolute marquee advertising event of the year,” Johnson notes. “The big game is still a major attraction for the large corporations. But by just looking at the attention we’ve achieved for our brand, it’s clear that no other venue comes close to what a Super Bowl ad can potentially do for a small company. In our case, we knew we had the best technology, but that alone doesn’t establish a brand. We had to get known. For us, it was clearly a great investment.”

Before the Super Bowl ad even aired, was the subject of intense national news coverage – which focused on the small Internet company’s journey to the biggest advertising event of the year. The route included a few twists, including Fox’s rejection of the firm’s original ad concept, but the resulting attention, which rivaled the press received by all the other Super Bowl advertisers, kept the brand name in the spotlight. In fact, before its Super Bowl airing, the ad was broadcast by all the major U.S. television networks and had even aired in Europe. Newspapers and magazines across the country also covered the story.

However, Johnson says that winning is possible only if can convert its new web site traffic into relationships. “It’s all still about providing the best product. That’s what we’re doing at,” Johnson says. “We designed to provide experienced professionals and those recruiting them with all the tools they need to come together in the most efficient way possible. Over the long-run, it will be the lasting relationships that we create between job seekers, companies and that will build an enduring and valuable brand.”

“To build those relationships, we’re addressing the most important issues facing experienced professionals seeking jobs on the Internet – safeguarding their privacy and security, not allowing headhunters to access their names and personal data, and ensuring that job listings are current and real,” says Johnson. “After all, if you’re looking for a job, you’re not out to scroll through endless ads and apply to the largest number of jobs, but to find the one best and right opportunity for you – intelligently, quickly and safely.”

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