Dalmatians, Lizards, Frogs Come Off as Best of Buds


Last week, we asked readers to share their opinions of ads shown in the Super Bowl telecast. Budweiser commercials scored with readers, as did the MasterCard spot with famous cartoon characters. Readers generally thought Victoria’s Secret and World Wrestling Federation pushed the limits of taste. A sampling of responses follows.

Anheuser-Busch: The lizard and frog ads were awful, but then I never have liked those guys. The ad with the two Dalmatian puppies who grew up to pass each other-one on a firetruck and one on the Anheuser-Busch wagon-was wonderful! No gimmicks, just good old-fashioned advertising. I loved it. I’m sorry I only got to see it once. Frito-Lay: The Miss USA Doritos ad was definitely for guys only. Wouldn’t buy chips based on that ad. Mail Boxes Etc.: How can you fault a company that gives free advertising to one of its customers, even if the ad was only mediocre? Mars: These were really cute, not offensive, could watch them more than once without screaming. Victoria’s Secret: Another ad strictly for guys. DIANE K. PARGAMENT – West Hills

The First Union Bank has the best advertising campaign on television today. What feelings of uncertainty the ads impart! I always feel a little unsettled with the fear and uncertainty that investing instills having it portrayed in a majestic carnival setting really touches the hot buttons! What a great campaign! DAN ALAN BOSWELL – Upland

MasterCard, utilizing their existing “priceless” campaign, gets my vote for most entertaining commercial during the Super Bowl and all the pregame programming. The cartoon characters placed in precarious (Mr. Magoo), hilarious (Olive Oyl) and vicarious (Fred Flintstone) situations were in itself priceless as well as inventive. JAYNE FINK – San Dimas

Apple Computer: HAL. Simple, funny and effective. Visa check card: Palace guard out of uniform. Possibly the funniest of the bunch, and on point for the product. Friends went nuts over this one. Cadillac Escalade: Cool! Vehicle production sequence with robots was very nifty. Good effects. I want one. Anheuser-Busch (Bud Lite): Beer or toilet paper? Like it’s a contest. Another nominee for funniest, and definitely memorable. Progressive Auto Insurance: ET. Fed up with the shriveled little geek. Almost enough to destroy my normally friendly predisposition toward space aliens. National Football League: Pressing the flesh. Yawn. I’ll believe this one when they show up at my door, without cameras, just to say hello. PATRICK GALLIGAN – Ventura

Best ad by far: Budweiser Dalmatian pup adopted by a fire company. Really a belly laugher with Bud barely mentioned. MasterCard cartoon characters: Very clever and funny use of previous sentimental pitch. Cracker Jack with pony prize: If I hadn’t known it was coming, it would have been even funnier. As for the rest, they were mostly OK or forgettable. AT&T: What are they offering? Yellow Pages: Confusing. NORMAN McCRACKEN – Northridge

The Anheuser-Busch ads were tops in my opinion. I loved the toilet paper versus beer ad for Bud Lite and the commercial for Budweiser in which a flying mouse scares a woman. They were very creative and funny. The Frito-Lay ad with a former Miss USA and ads for the HotJobs.com and the World Wrestling Federation were disgusting, sexist and definitely forgettable. The Monster.com ad was very negative and not at all cute, even using kids. VIRGINIA PEKAR – San Luis Obispo