Budweiser Dominates Ad Showdown in Super Bowl XXXIII


Research International Panel Says “Who Needs BudBowl?”

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) – It wasn’t Rod Smith’s long touchdown pass from John Elway or Tim Dwight’s exciting kick returns that were on the mind of attendees of Research International’s First Official Super Bowl Party in Reverse at Mickey Mantle’s Sunday in New York City. It was the ad-by-ad analysis of the commercials to determine which scored the most points with men. On this night that captures the attention of millions of men, Research International “turned down” the volume on the game and “turned up” the sound on the commercials as a panel of marketing aficionados evaluated the winners and losers based on RI’s new study of the male demographic, The Wild Spirit of Man? Connecting with Men in the Millennium. The panel selected those commercials most effective in appealing to men. The top four commercials as voted by Research International Super Bowl Party In Reverse attendees were:

Budweiser Lobster (1st Quarter and Overall Winner)

Budweiser “Paper or Plastic” (2nd Quarter)

Bud Light “Mouse” (3rd Quarter)

National Football League (4th Quarter)

“Let’s face it, Super Sunday us just a big day for the advertisers as it is for the guys on the field,” said Gayle Moberg, executive vice president and managing director, Research International USA. “Humor has always been a staple on this day, but it really scored a touchdown this year with viewers — both men and women. In addition, the ads reflect one of the findings of our study — men at the millennium are different from their predecessors. They maintain the traditional masculine qualities of protector and provider, but they have also heightened aspects of their lives such as sensitivity, caring and being true to themselves. Maybe that’s why there’s a less of a gap between sexes this year when it comes to Super Bowl advertising favorites.”

The all-star panel line-up included Dick Lynch, former New York Giant (1959-66) and the current voice of the Giants on WNEW-FM (Moderator); Mercedes Cardona, reporter, Advertising Age; Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are The Way They Are; Irwin Kornblau, vice president and director of marketing, PlayboyMagazine. Guest included marketers and brand managers from major companies including: Pepsi Co., Merck, AT&T and Empire Blue Cross.

The event celebrated the unveiling of “The Wild Spirit of Man?”, the most comprehensive look at the male demographic to date. The new study shows what motivates male consumers, what are the hot buttons for building brand loyalty and whether the approach to reaching men and driving their purchases has changed in recent years.


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