AT&T Will Tout Its' Personal Network on Super Sunday

Foote, Cone & Belding’s Super Bowl spot for client AT&T will focus on the simplicity of communication. A 60-second spot entitled “This is you” encourages customers to bring their hectic lives under control with AT&T’s Personal Network, a new communications offering that allows consumers to receive a flat rate-outlined in one bill, for all their services-including wireless, Internet wireline, land-based phonelines, and calling cards. The spot broke initially on Jan. 18. With Madonna’s song “Ray of Light” as background, the ad shows people rushing thorugh their daily lives-motivating their family toget up in the morning, carving out time for those who matter, or racing to business meetings. FCB handles the client’s $150 million consumer long distance account and emerged victorious after battling fellow AT&T roster shop Young & Rubicam for the right to create AT&T’s minute of Super Bowl time.

AT&T recently earmarked more marketing dollars than in past years to tout its specialized products. Sources said the client spent $8 million to $10 million on first-quarter cable buys for FCB-handled products like Call AT&T, 00 Info, which is a rival to MCI’s 10-10 9000 directory assistance service, and The Personal Network.