Shock Top Releases Extended Cut of ‘the Greatest Super Bowl Ad of All Time’ – Adweek

Shock Top, a first-time Super Bowl advertiser, today released an extended 90-second cut of its ad that will air on Feb. 7.

The beer brand is A-B InBev’s answer to the craft market, and by taking it to the Big Game, the company hopes to boost Shock Top’s recognition and drive sales.

With that in mind, the spot from Anomaly in Toronto introduces consumers to the brew as well as the brand’s new spokesman, comedian T.J. Miller, who proclaimed in a teaser last week that Shock Top’s would be “the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time.” The beer’s mascot, Wedgehead, voiced by comedian Martin Montana, also appears in the Big Game ad.

Miller “embodies the brand, the irreverence, the wit,” of Shock Top, according to vp Jake Kirsch. To that point, it let the comedian edit its press release for this very ad (see his marks in red below).

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Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials

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